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Electric Hair Cutting Machine

Electric Hair Cutting Machine

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  1. Quick Charge, Endless Style:

    • 2-Hour Battery Charge: Charge in a flash for 2 hours, and style on-the-go hassle-free!
  2. ✂️ Precision Cuts, Effortlessly:

    • Rotary Motor: Experience smooth and precise cuts with our advanced rotary motor.
  3. 🎛️ Versatile Lengths, Effortlessly:

    • Change of Nozzles: Effortlessly adjust cutting lengths with the change of nozzles method.
  4. 🔄 Styles on Demand:

    • Multiple Nozzles: Switch styles seamlessly with included multiple nozzles.
  5. 🔋 Uninterrupted Sessions:

    • 2-Hour Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted grooming with a quick 2-hour charge.
  6. 🚀 Efficiency Redefined:

    • Rotary Motor: Swift and effective cuts for an efficient grooming experience.
  7. 🌈 Personalize Your Look:

    • Adjustable Cutting Length: Tailor your style by adjusting cutting lengths effortlessly.
  8. Diverse Cutting Options:

    • Multiple Nozzles: Cater to various lengths and styles with 3-4 included nozzles.
  9. Rapid Recharge, Always Ready:

    • 2-Hour Quick Charge: Say goodbye to waiting – your trimmer is ready in just 2 hours.
  10. ☑️ Safety & Quality Assurance:

    • CE Certification: Trust in safety with our trimmer certified to meet quality standards.



Important Tips: 🚀

  1. 🌐 Inclusive Charging Cable:

    • Our product comes equipped with a convenient charging cable, ensuring you're always ready for your grooming sessions.
  2. 🚫 Note on Lubricating Oil:

    • Please be aware that lubricating oil is considered a liquid and falls under contraband goods. Airlines and customs do not accept transit of such items. We appreciate your understanding. Have a great day!

Kindly Note: 📝

  1. 🎨 Color Variation:

    • The actual color of the item may slightly differ from the images displayed on the website. Various factors, such as monitor brightness and light conditions, contribute to this difference.
  2. 📏 Measurement Deviation:

    • Please allow a slight deviation in the measurement data. We strive to provide accurate information, but small variations may occur.
  3. 🤷‍♂️ Minor Error Tolerance:

    • A minimal error of 0.1-0.3cm is expected. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility regarding these small discrepancies


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"Unleash your style with our cutting-edge hair trimmer! ."

Elevate your grooming game effortlessly and embrace a trendsetting look with our dependable hair trimmer! 💫

We are the best and

We're not afraid to tell you Why 🧡

Effortless Precision

Experience precise grooming with our hair trimmer's advanced features, including adjustable limit combs and a rotary motor. Achieve the perfect length effortlessly, ensuring a polished and professional look every time.

Convenience Redefined

Enjoy the convenience of a quick 2-hour charge, providing 45 minutes of uninterrupted grooming. Lightweight and portable, our trimmer comes with a complete package, including various limit combs and a USB charger. Elevate your grooming routine with efficiency and style.

Versatile Grooming Options

Tailor your grooming experience with the included 4 limit combs, ranging from 1.5MM to 4MM. Whether it's a clean shave, a stylish beard, or a precise haircut, our trimmer offers versatility to suit your unique preferences. Embrace the freedom to experiment with different lengths and styles effortlessly.

Materials and Dimentions

🌐 Clipper Specification:

  • Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Usage Time: 45 minutes
  • Weight: Approximately 100g

📦 Package Includes:

  • 1Pcs* Hair Trimmer
  • 1Pcs* Cleaning Brush
  • 4Pcs* Limit Combs (1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM, 4MM)
  • 1Pcs* USB Charger

Upgrade your grooming routine with our reliable and efficient hair trimmer package. Unbox the essentials for a precise and stylish haircut every time! 💇‍♂️✨ 

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